Clay projects for kids in grades three, four and older.

Here are some sample clay project ideas for students in grades three and four or older. All these examples are non fired school clay painted and sealed. For templates for the animal masks download a pdf template. Clay bear mask template Clay bison mask template Requires


Alberta Crest Plaque
Alberta Crest Plaque
This is a curriculum supplement for the Province of Alberta but obviously can be adapted for any locale.
  • This is a curriculum supplement for the Province of Alberta but obviously can be adapted for any locale.
  • An angel standing on a base with a holder for a tealight candle. Be sure students and parents are aware of the dangers of open flames.
  • For curriculum supplements a black bear cub and mom.
  • A bear mask.Download a template.
  • Canadian wildlife, the beaver.
  • This pinchpot creature is a fun project. Available on video.
  • A pinchpot frog is lots of fun. This project is on video.
  • Everone like to monkey around with this pinchpot monkey.
  • This bison mask is a project for more accomplished students. Download a template.
  • Dragons are always popular. This project is available on video.
  • Supplement to curriculum studeis of Peru.
  • Based on the centuries old sculpture from Central America.
  • Decorated coil pots. To be water resistant these should be lined with plastic or glaze fired. Also make great pencil holders.
  • For Father's Day a trophy handled coil pot.
  • Wildlife studies
  • A pig in a stall with a spider, makes a great curriculum supplement for literature.
  • Decorated Indian elephant.
  • A supplement to curriculum studies of Peru.
  • These coil or pinch pots with lids are decorated for Mother's Day as treasure keepers.
  • A trophy handles coil pot makes a great desktop pencil holder for Mother's Day
  • This handles vase in the style of Tunisian vases has "mosaic" tiles attached for decoration. Curriculum studies of Tunisia.
  • These face mugs help liven up a coil and pinch pot project.
  • A diorama of the Nativity Scene. We recommend using cookie cutter to prepare the starts before class and handing one to each student at the appropriate time.
  • Wildlife studeis.
  • A penguin family. Who doesn't like Penguins?!
  • These masks are a natural supplement when studying Peru.
  • For studies of Peru this Mother and Child are excellent curriculum supplements.
  • Studies of the arctic are not complete without your own family of polar bears.
  • Canadian wildlife.
  • This tipi camp scene is a great curriculum assist.
  • For studies of Tunisia, this camel fits the bill.
  • Large clay grain storage buildings have been repurposed as dwellings in Tunisia.
  • A diorama with two dancers.